Rice Field Land For Sale

Land Plots for sale in Chiang Rai. Lake view Plots. River View Plots. Rice field View plots. Mountain View Plots. City Land. Near City land. Feel free to browse our site and check out the land plots we have on offer. When it comes to selling land plots in Chiang Rai we can offer the following locations and services:

Now land in and around Chiang Rai city is selling for very high prices. Land prices can be anything from 2 Million a Rai to as high as 20 Million a Rai. We have several outlets where we can find you inexpensive land before market value. Reach out to us if your looking for land in and around Chiang Rai city.

Land up by the border has risen over the last few years and now land in these areas is selling from 500,000 to 5 million a rai depending on location and access. We can find you land plots in these areas and we look at weekly at different properties in the far north. We can help you find a property.

If your selling your land in Chiang Rai we have a list of eager cash buyers wanted to buy lands at market value prices. If your not asking way over appraisal prices, we can find you a cash buyer in 90 days or less. We have buyers for Chiang Rai land and we can get you offers. Call us today and list your property for sale with us.

No matter what the property is we can find a buyer and a selle. Even Pig lands have buyers looking to buy a pig farm. If you have either a house in Chiang Rai or land in Chiang Rai, we can find a buyer for your chiang rai property.

Out of town or country buyers and sellers are no problem for us. We have a few trusted lawyers we work with that can help any transaction go smoothly. Give us a call today and tell us what your land, house, farm property needs are in Chiang Rai and we can assist you getting a sale/ buy done.

Please call Khun Jay at Tel:66856946463 for assistance you have in either buying or selling a Chiang Rai property.

Topo Map Of Chiang Rai Main Areas

Lands For Sale: The first plot for sale is 20 kilo to Chiang Rai city in an area called Chom Mok Kaeo, Mae Lao District. The land is 5-1-43 in size. The asking is 4.5 Million. You can read more about it by going here. Google Maps: 7MFXQM9M+RG

Picture looking west out over the land. Google Plus Code: 7MFXQM9M+RG

The second plot for sale is a large piece of land near the new Chiang Kong to Chiang Rai expressway in Phaya Mengrai district. More info on that land for sale here.

Google Plus Code: V6Q8+H5 Mengrai, Phaya Mengrai District, Chiang Rai

This is Just a beautiful piece of land that can make a nice household or can subdivide. Neighbor Built an expensive home across the street.

V6Q8+H5 Mengrai, Phaya Mengrai District, Chiang Rai