9+ Rai Land For Sale In Phaya Mengrai

Close to the new Highway, this land For sale is a 9-2-30 rai road of frontage land in Mengrai, Phaya Mengrai, Chiang Rai 50290. This land is less than 1 kilometer from the new bypass road going from Chiang Rai to Chiang Kong. Beautiful views to both the east and the west. The property dimensions are approximately 203 meters wide by 75 meters deep. This land can be easily cut and resold as 1 rai or 2 rai house plots. This is good for the short-term future investment as the bypass from the property to Chiang kong is already finished. Just takes a speedy 20 mins and you are there. The drive to Chiang Rai city is about 55 kilometers when this highway is completed or about 30-35 min drive. The asking price is 6.5 Million. Land Size is 9-2-30.

Location: 19.8889620, 100.2154100 Google Plus code: V6Q8+H5 Mengrai,Phaya Mengrai District, Chiang Rai

Want more details ? Call Khun Jay at Tel:66856946463

Pictures of the property:

This is really a video of the house across the street with the ending showing the road and the 9+ rai for sale. The house across the street is a really nice build. He left land in the front to grow rice and put in a pond to raise his property up higher without having to buy a lot of fill.

Chiang Kong to Phaya mengrai to the 9+ Rai For sale in Chiang rai

This is a land cut map made by our staff. A buyer can easily cut this land resell it for more and keep one or two plots for themselves. This may give someone an idea of what do do on this property if they are thinking about making an investment in Chiang Rai land for sale. Next year there should be a re evulation from the land office and it will have gone up quite a bit now because it is so close to that main highway.

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